All-Natural Premium Dog Treats

Made from no more than 5 of the highest quality, fresh ingredients

Healthy treats even the pickiest eaters love!


All-natural with no added sugar, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.


Made from locally sourced, simple ingredients.


Handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality and freshness.


Baked locally in a certified commercial kitchen, with the highest safety standards.

Our Story

There was an instant connection when we met Sadie (a senior rescue waiting ~18 months for her forever family) and I knew she had to join our family as Riley's big sister. They had lots of fun together until Sadie got very sick, with times when she couldn't stand or move.


When looking for treats for her many vet appointments, I found long lists of ingredients, many that I couldn't pronounce. I started making treats myself, so I knew exactly what was going into Sadie's fragile system.


My girls' furry friends and their parents loved them, especially when they learned that my treats had no more than 5 ingredients. I realized dog parents want healthy treats made from ingredients they could trust, so my adventure into dog treats began. 


Little Bits of Love was created in loving memory of Sadie. LBLtreats are baked in small batches for freshness, using no more than 5 of the highest quality ingredients and the same safety standards that you would expect in your own food. If we wouldn't eat it ourselves, we won't feed it to our dogs or yours!

As a family of rescues, we are committed to helping dogs by giving back. 20% of sales are donated to non-profit organizations dedicated to helping dogs in need each month.

Thank you for supporting our woman-owned small business and helping us give back!

With Love,

Mom/Doris, Riley and Charlie (Our 2 Chief Tasting Officers)


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Giving Back

20% of sales are donated to non-profit organizations dedicated to helping dogs in need

This month, we are donating to @nodogsleftbehind

@nodogsleftbehind fights on the front lines, rescuing dogs from the illegal dog-meat trade. They save dogs from slaughterhouses, dog meat trucks, wet markets and exposing illegal dealers and breeders.


Every year, on the summer solstice, thousands of dogs are rounded up to be eaten at the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. This cruel "festival" has no place in the world. 


You can also sign the petition here to help shut down the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.