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Enrichment Adventures

Little Bits of Love Enrichment Adventures give your pup opportunities to learn and practice appropriate social skills, safely explore their environment and experience a variety of sensory enrichment. Stimulating them both mentally and physically works their brain, resulting in a tired pup. More importantly, they love to run, chase, play and have a ton of fun! 

I would love to make your life easier by giving your pup the chance for lots of sniffing, positive reinforcement of basic manners and getting the exercise they need to improve their long-term health and quality of life.

I know how hard it is to trust someone with your pup, who is part of your family. My girls are my everything and my passion for dogs drives my everyday life. It's why I created Little Bits of Love in memory of my sweet Sadie and why I have expanded my small business to include Enrichment Adventures. 

Licensed, insured & Pet CPR certified

Email to set-up a free consultation to get started. I'm excited to meet your special pup, learn more about them, see how I can help make your life easier and discuss expectations.

Hope to hear from you soon!

With love,
Doris & my girls (Riley and Charlie)

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LBLtreats for each adventure

Hiking Adventures

Little Bits of Love Hiking Adventures are an effective way to mentally and physically stimulate your dog. Your pup will love running and playing with their small pack. Regular hiking as part of a pack will also result in a calmer, happier, more confident dog.

Hiking Adventures include:

  • Pick up and drop off at your home.

  • ~3-4 hours total out of the house, depending on where your pup is on the route. 

  • 90 minutes of trail time, with all of the sights, sounds and sniffs of the outdoors.

  • Packs of 3 or fewer pups based on your pups’ exercise needs and personality.*

  • On or off-leash, based on your pup's comfort and ability. I start all new dogs slowly and give them the freedom to explore off-leash when I trust their recall. 

  • Positive reinforcement of basic manners, lots of recall practice if your pup is off-leash and good trail etiquette.

  • Fresh water and minimal ingredient all-natural LBLtreats (at your discretion) are provided during the hike.

  • Towel dry after the adventure.

  • At the end of every adventure, you receive an update, as well as a picture or video of them enjoying their adventure. 


Sadie and Riley


  • 90-minute Hiking Adventure: $75


Areas we serve: Campbell, Cupertino, Los Altos, Menlo Park, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Redwood City, San Jose, Woodside.

* Ask about solo adventures for pups that prefer individualized attention, who like to stroll at their own pace, seniors or those with special needs.

Hiking Adventures

Neighborhood Adventure Walks

Neighborhood Adventure Walks

For those that like to stay close to home, I offer neighborhood adventure walks, with enrichment to stimulate both your pups' body and mind.

Neighborhood Adventure Walks include:

  • Fresh air, exercise and non-stop attention are only a few of the perks your pup will be able to enjoy. 

  • Varying routes to give your pup different sights, sounds and sniffs every time.

  • Positive reinforcement of basic manners.

  • Fresh water and minimal ingredient, all-natural LBLtreats (at your discretion) provided on the walk.

  • At the end of every visit, you receive an update, as well as a picture or video of them enjoying their adventure. 


  • 1 hour: $60

  • 30 min: $35

Areas we serve: Campbell, Cupertino, Los Altos, Los Gatos, Mountain View, Palo Alto, San Jose, Saratoga.


COVID-19 Safety Precautions

I want to ensure the safety of you and your family, and can customize pick-ups and drop-offs in a variety of ways:

  • Many are working from home and can support “contact-free” pick-ups and drop-offs at the door.

  • I can pick up your pup directly from the yard if it is enclosed and/or you have a safe place for them to stay until I arrive.

  • I sanitize at the start and end of every walk and can use my own leashes if preferred.

COVID-19 Safety

COVID-19 Safety Precautions

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