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Chicken Liver

100% Chicken Liver, a true superfood for pups!


  • Lean protein and low in fat: Supports healthy skin and coat, builds muscle, heals and repairs tissues.
  • Rich in vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients that support healthy vision and boost energy. 
    • Vitamin A: Powerful antioxidant that supports the healthy functioning of the heart, kidneys, reproductive organs and vision.
    • Vitamin D: Helps protect against cancers, autoimmune and infectious diseases, supports muscle and bone strength. 
    • Omega-3s: Provide energy, promote the development of nerves, cells, and body tissue, and support hormone production. 
    • Folic acid, B vitamins: Play an essential role in the growth and function of cells, and help to prevent fatigue and anemia.
    • Iron: Transports oxygen to blood cells, regulates body temperature, supports brain function, increases your dog’s strength and endurance.
    • Copper and zinc: Essential minerals that help to support healthy bones and joints.


All jerky treats are dehydrated for 15+ hours in a gentle, low-temperature process that naturally retains vitamins and nutrients. Your pup won't be able to get enough!


Jerky treats can be easily broken off into smaller-sized treats, making them perfect for training or for the moments when your pup deserves something special and delicious. 

Chicken Liver

  • 100% Chicken liver. That's all!

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