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No Fuss Fill Ready Rak®

The No Fuss Fill Ready Rak® fits in the fridge or freezer to neatly store up to 4 lick mats after you load them with your pup's favorite treats. No more mess!


Two slide-out shelves make it easy to access the mats when you need them. Like when that impromptu Zoom call starts and your pup won't stop barking at the delivery person.


* Fits lick mats up to 8.85 inches x 8.85 inches.

* Does NOT include lick mats.

* Note this is NOT a dog toy.

No Fuss Fill Ready Rak®

Only 1 left in stock
  • Lick mats are a simple yet ingenious way to entertain and enrich your pup’s health. A positive licking experience can benefit dogs by:

    • Reducing stress, anxiety, and other behavioral issues like separation anxiety or destructive chewing

    • Stimulating brain function & problem-solving

    • Distracting & entertaining dogs during grooming or while you work, cook, exercise, etc.

    • Aiding digestion by stimulating saliva production

    • Promoting fresh breath and healthy teeth & gums

    • Minimizing overfeeding

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